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Trend-driven innovation

The consumer and customer at the center

In order to connect with the consumer, the innovation needs to fulfil a consumer's desire. It needs to address an expectation gap, a pain point not addressed or ill addressed today. We can help you in identifying and delivering innovations that bridge the gap between these trending consumer expectations and your ambitions.


Process driven innovation

Efficiency and sustainability

Whilst environmental sustainability is paramount today to the consumer, financial and human sustainability are key to the organisation. The endless search for continuous improvement, seeking more efficiency, better differentiation and lower cost coupled to higher agility will always drive innovations. We can help in finding ways to evaluate what matters and build on what works, removing the non-value add components.


Competitor driven innovation

What are the disruptors up to ?

We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world. A survey by PwC said that 80% of CEOs believed innovation drives efficiencies and leads to a competitive advantage. We can help by collecting robust and independent information to support a SWOT analysis, to identify and deliver innovation opportunities.


Regulatory driven innovation

Turn red tape into an opportunity

Whilst rules and regulations can be seen as hindrance and red tape, they can be an opportunity for innovation and differentiation. Let us assess how your current and future products meet these rules and regulations and propose strategies to leverage them as a basis for further innovation and differentiation.

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